Late Dr. Salim Moizzudin Abdul Ali was the best-known Indian ornithologist and fittingly so, this bird sanctuary was named after him. This serene sanctuary on Chorao Island, Goa, came into existence some two-decade ago with the vision to protect the birdlife and the mangroves thriving and growing here. Covered by mangrove swamps, this sanctuary along River Mandovi stretches over 1.8 sq km area and remains the only bird sanctuary in Goa.

The reclaimed marshland is home to a big variety of exotic and rare birds from all parts of the world. Visitors to Salim Ali Bird Sanctuary can expect to see varieties as varied as white egrets, purple herons, colorful kingfishers, mynahs, cormorants, mynahs and a lot more. The sanctuary has a bird-watching tower from where a clear view can be had. If you’re a bit lucky, you can spot bulbous-headed mudskipper fish, Marsh crocodiles, foxes, jackals and otters.

A visit to Salim Ali Bird Sanctuary is nothing less than a treat to ornithologists as they can expect to sport a lots of local and migratory birds on the island. Coastal birds apart, you can spot flying foxes, jackals and crocodiles in an area full of mangrove vegetation. Crisscrossed with a network of water channels, the sanctuary is perfect for nature lovers and bird watchers alike.