The Rock Fort Ganapati Temple popularly known as Ucchi Pillayar Koil is located at a height of 83 meter, on the Rock fort Hill in Trichy, in Tamil Nadu. The temple is one of the most famous temples of Lord Ganesha in India. The Rock Fort temple dates back to 7th century- the era of Pallavas and, is actually a combination of three temples.

The ManikkaVinayakar temple at the foot hill, the UcchiPillayar Temple at the top of the hill, and the TaayumaanavarKoilShivastalam lying in between both the temples.The former two are dedicated to Lord Ganesha (Pillyar) and the latter to Lord Shiva (Thayumunaswamy). The rock on which the temple is built is said to about 3800 million years old and thus belongs to the oldest rocks in the world.

One has to climb around 344 rock cut steps to reach the Ganapathi Temple located at the top of the rock. The temple overall is a masterwork of art and rock architecture. The splendid temple complex offers a mesmerizing view of the entire city of Trichy. This temple due to its historical importance is maintained by The Archeological Survey of India and is visited by scores of tourists and devotees owing to its high ancient and cultural legacy.