Ranthambore Fort is beautiful fort that depicts the pomp and splendor of the erstwhile India. This Fort provides an amazing experience of fun and adventure. This fort architecture is amazing and is a perfect place for photography. This fort is located at the hill of Ranthambore National Park. The hill is 700 ft tall and situated about 6 Km inside the park. This place is visited a big number of local and foreign tourists each year.

This park was declared a UNESEO world heritage site in 2013 by World Heritage Committee under the title Hill Fort of Rajasthan. This fort has been built in 944 AD by Chauhan Rajput ruler. It was attacked by many kings at different point of time in the history. In 16 BC, Akbar took the fort and it remained the property of Mughal Empire. According to the local people, Sawai Man Singh was the last ruler of the Ranthambore Fort during the end of British Raj.

This Fort has many gates and temples and provides breathtaking view of the park. There is Ganesh temple inside the main entry of the Fort. During the Ganesh festival it attract lots of tourist who flock here to enjoy the blend of history and pomp. You can also visit Ranthambore National park. This park is home of many wildlife animals.