Built in 15th century by Bappa Rawal, Rana  Kumbha Palace is where Rana Kumbha lived royal life. Located in Chittorgarh Fort, this historic monument is very famous among tourists due to its architecture and a large pound. This oldest structure inside fort is near Vijaya Stambha and its entry is through Suraj Pol. It is the very place where Princess Padmini committed Jauhar.

On visiting Rana Kumbha Palace, visitors will be able to see numbers of historically significant items. The ruins of this palace speak a lot about glorious past. The main thing which draws attention here is Tripolia Gate which opens to a large courtyard. The various other attractions in this palace are Kanwar Pada Palace, Zanana Mahal, Suraj Gokhra, Diwan-i-am and Shiva temple.

The best time to visit Rana Kumbha Palace is Monsoon and winters season, when temperature is between 20 C to 35 C and 5 C to 30C. Belonging to Sisodia clan of Rajputs, this palace can be reached by road, rail and airplane. It is at distance of 5 KM from center of Chittorgarh; visitors can reach here by local bus, rickshaw or taxi. The nearest railway station is 6KM and nearest airport is Udaipur airport.