The Ram Raja Temple in Orchha, Madhya Pradesh, is the only place in the entire world where Lord Rama is worshipped as a King. This palace turned temple has towering spires and is as much popular for its palatial architecture as much for its unique worshipping notion. Every day, a guard of honor takes place here where police staff serve as guards. The daily ritual also includes armed salutation to Lord Rama.

Ram Raja Temple is a popular attraction which holds a unique place among devotees and tourists alike. Here, while Lord Rama is dressed as a royalty with a turban on the head, Lord Lakshman is seen as a prince and Mother Sita in a crown. Similarly, Lord Rama holding a sword and a shied respectively in the right and left hand lends the temple uniqueness.     

He aarti of the Ram Raja Temple is a ceremonial sight of the highest visual order. The aarti is so pompous and grand that it gives the temple a unique character. The temple is given so much respect by the locals that the first invitation of a Hindu wedding is sent to the temple. Do, don’t miss to visit this perhaps the most unusual temple dedicated to Lord Rama.