A trip to Khajuraho gives visitors a wonderful opportunity to explore and enjoy the architectural finesses of the historical land of Madhya Pradesh. The celebrated temples (World Heritage Site) here are not the only attraction as the region has a lot more to history lovers. Just 25 km from and near the Peetambra-Peeth is located Rajgarh Palace, a beautiful monument which is some 150-year old and was built by King ShatrujitBundela.

Also known as Khajuraho Fort Palace, Rajgarh Palace is a perfect example of the Bundela style of architecture and delights history buffs and architecture lovers alike. Situated at the foot of Maniyagarh hills, the palace also has a museum inside which houses a big collection of artifacts related to cultural and geological significance. Now converted into a heritage hotel, it still attracts a big number of tourists every year for a peek into the history and its eventful past.   

Your trip to Khajurahomust include a visit to the Rajgarh Palace simply for understanding the history and architecture a lot better that it’s otherwise possible. Reaching to this place is not a problem with the nearest airport being at just 10 km distance south of the palace. So, whenever you are in Khajurao, take some time out and head to this historical and popular palace and revisit the history of the region.