Raghunath Temple is a famous and majestic temple in Kullu located in the beautiful valley of Himanchal Pradesh. It was constructed by Raja Jagat Singh in the year 1660. The architecture of the temple is mixed look of Pahari and Pyramidal style. According to the locals, there is a story behind the construction of the temple.

The story goes like - When a Brahmin was found with lots of peals in this valley, Raja ordered his men to take them away from him. Brahmin found this unbearable and locked his family in his house and set it on the fire. Raja got depressed with this event and constructed the temple of Lord Rama. 

According to the local, Raja Jagat Singh got a beautiful sculpture of lord Rama from Ayodhaya and placed it in this temple. This temple is situated 2,050 meters from the sea level. This temple is located in hill station near the banks of beas river kullu and offers amazing view of the beautiful valley of the Kullu. This temple is an oldest temple in Kullu Valley dedicated to lord Rama.

This temple visited by thousands of tourists and locals. Dushara and Ram Navmi are the famous festivals in this valley and attract thousands of visitors. This temple is also counted among the oldest ones and known for its unique architecture style temple in the Himachal Pradesh.