The holy city of Pushkar, in the Ajmer district of Rajasthan, is among the most popular attractions in the state for its religious and cultural charms. Located on the shore of the sacred Pushkar Lake, the city is among five sacred dhams for Hindus and is also the place with only Lord Brahma Temple in India. Its annual cattle and camel fair draws tourists from all parts of the globe.

The city is host to a big religious fair and one of them is the Pushkar Cattle Fair. This fair is hosted every year during the months of October and November when the place gets filled with a sea of people and animals. Trading in animals is the biggest attraction of the festival. Camel, horse and donkey races are also among the major draws for the festival.

People from far off places attend Pushkar Cattle Fair and engage in trading of animals, including camel, horse etc. An atmosphere of festivity is witnessed and people can be seen shopping for bangles, clothes, utensils, leather goods etc. A variety of cultural shows and events, including dance and song take place at different places in the fair. This fair is also attended by foreigners in great numbers.