The world-renowned temple town of Puri in Odisha is much more than just religious charms. Although a visit here is not complete unless you visited the Puri Jagannath Temple, you will definitely have more to enjoy during the trip. One such popular destination here is Puri Beach - a beach the shore of the Bay of Bengal. The beach is a tourist attraction as well as a sacred place for Hindus.

Puri Beach attracts a big number of devotees and tourists every year as it’s the site of the annual Puri Beach Festival. The festival takes place under the joint efforts and sponsorships of the Indian Ministry of Tourism and the city of Odisha. It becomes a big center of attraction for art lovers and people with a sense of spirituality. The major attraction of the festival remains the display of art works.

More so, Puri Beach hosts sand art displays involving local and award-winning artists from all parts of the country. A huge gathering takes place during the festival and the atmosphere remains vibrant throughout. The beach is just at a distance of 2 km from the main railway station in the city so reaching there is not an issue. You can come here and savor the display of art and feel spirituality in the air.