A trip to Khajuraho is not complete without visiting some of its nearby attractions. And one of those places is Pandav Waterfall – on the river Ken. This waterfall has religious significance as it’s believed that the Pandavas of the Mahabharata had to spend some time where during their exile from their kingdom. Located at some 30 km from Khajuraho, this place is beautiful and one of must-visit to tourists looking for natural beauty.  

The Pandav Waterfall is just breathtaking in true sense and those who visit it get awestruck. After the monsoon rains, this place becomes surreal in terms of beauty and charm and that’s why tourists are recommended to be here in the month of October and November. Tourists can enjoy a picnic and relax around the tool by reaching there through steep steps.    

Located on a tributary of the Ken River, the Pandav Falls is at a height of 98 feet and presents a visual treat of unrivalled variety. Since its origin is part of mythology and legends, tourists can see the remains of the caves and shrines that corroborate the event giving this place an altogether new era. So, visit this falls and enjoy the charms of nature.