The Pakshipathalam Bird Sanctuary is located 32 kms from Mananthvady and, 66 kms from Kalapetta in the Wayanad district of Kerala. This bird sanctuary lies among the Brahmagiri hills at Thirunelli at an altitude of 1740 meters above sea level. This sanctuary is truly a paradise for bird watchers, adventurers and nature lovers as it offers pleasing time and experience for all.

The Sanctuary is located within dense forests and can be reached only through trekking, which is the most interesting part of the visit. It is a home to a large varieties and population of birds, some of them are in fact the rarest species found. A thrilling trek of 6 kms is to be covered to enter this sanctuary.

There are also natural rock caves located in the sanctuary which are believed to exist here since the times of ancient history and were used by saints for mediation. These caves presently are a dwelling place for different types of birds including bats, peacock, owls, woodpeckers etc. The sanctuary is surrounded by hills, water streams and evergreen dense forests which is a natural habitat to many wild animals and diverse flora and fauna.

A watch tower is available on the banks of Papansani to have a panoramic view of the entire region and its wildlife. The overall experience is spellbinding as Pakshipathalam showcases the best of Mother Nature! A prior permission from the Forests Department must be taken before visiting this sanctuary.