Neora Valley National Park is one of the most famous national parks in Kalimpong district, West Bengal and was established in 1986. It’s the richest biological zone in the eastern India and spreads across an area of 88 Km - the area has been reserved for wildlife and biodiversity. Neora Valley is a beautiful place and home to many species like Dear, Tiger, Leopard, Black Bear, Wild Dog and many more.

More so, the Neora River makes up most part of the catchment areas of the park. Similarly, the park is one of the most ideal places for birds like the Orioles, Maynas, Parakeets, Owls, Partridges, Sunbirds, Swallows, Golden Headed Black Finch and Woodpeckers etc. That’s why, it remains a popular place for tourists and adventure lovers in India. You can find beautiful trees, Bamboo, rivers and green valley in the forest.

More so, there is restriction for tourist to visit inside the Neora Valley National Park. However, tourist activities are available there but you should not expect forest safari or forest train inside the park. If any tourist wants to visit in the forest area, then he/she needs special permission from the forest department. For adventure and nature lovers, there can’t be a better place for sure!