Do you know, what is the largest protected area in India? The answer is - Namdapha National Park. Located in the north-eastern state of Arunachal Pradesh, the park features among the richest areas in biodiversity and borders with Myanmar. Covering an area of 1985 km2, it is home to different vegetation and shelters a variety of rare species of animals such as snow leopard, red pandas, clouded leopards etc.

Namdapha National Park is nothing less than a paradise for wildlife enthusiasts and nature lovers alike due to its blend of breathtaking scenery and presence of animal species. A visit means you can watch the Himalayan bears, wolves, and Asiatic black bears. The park houses species of smaller carnivores and species of non-human primates. A safari excursion is sure to bring some thrilling experience of watching rare and unique animals not seen elsewhere in India.

More so, Namdapha National Park is home to over 425 species of avi-faunas with the possibility of more to be found in higher areas. Here, bird watchers feel true delighted as they get to watch a truly staggering range hardly found elsewhere in the region. What’s more, the park is home to many rare and endangered variety of plants. So, visit this wonderful park and feel the wildlife and nature at their natural best.