Naldehra is a paradise in the Himalayan hills. It’s one of many charming hamlets of the hilly northern state of Himachcal Pradesh, and it’s just a little while away from the celebrated hill station of Shimla. The place is an absolute magic where quietude and nature beauty co-exist to delight the senses. Away from the usual hustle-bustle of Shimla, this town is serene, green and thoroughly fascinating!   

A visit to Naldehra Town means getting an opportunity to enjoy the natural beauty and spectacular views that present a visual spectacle of matchless variety. Here, you will enjoy the patches of misty morning clouds and savor the stretch of forest with towering cedar trees. What’s more, the town has a grand 18-hole golf course, which is rated as the most scenic in the whole of India.

After trying you hand at golf, you can proceed to take a stroll in the apple orchards of Mashobra. You can even get the pleasure of plucking the fruits off the branches and get to see close to 170 varieties of apple trees. Other major activities to enjoy here include forest walks, horse riding and of course, savoring the essences of nature from close quarters.  

A trip to Naldehra Town in the summer is recommended so that you could enjoy the lush green scenery and find comfort in the cool atmosphere. You can walk the long stretches of green grasses there right at the golf course or hire a pony around the course. The place is so beautiful and stunning that you can’t stop living it forever!