Nakki Lake in Mount Abu, Rajasthan, is a true embodiment of love and romance. Also referred to as “Love Lake of Mount Abu”, this largest man made lake atop 1200 meter has a very calm and tranquil feel around it.  A scared place for the Garacia tribe of Rajasthan, the lake becomes a hub of activities in the month of April ever year when the devotees worship their ancestors here. 

Further, Nakki Lake is believed to be a mythological lake with several legends attached. As per a legend, it was dug by Gods using their nails only and that’s why the lake is named so. Located at a walking distance from the main market, the lake is considered the heart and hub of Mount Abu and attracts a good number of visitors every day.  

In a sense, Nakki Lake is a hub of evening activity where families and tourists come to enjoy boating and spend a quality time. With gardens, mountains and rock formations forming the backdrop, the lake assumes a great significance for those fond of photography. Some other attractions close to the lake include Shri Raghunathji Temple, Toad Rock, Maharaja Jaipur Palace and sunset point.