The Mysore Palace in Mysore, Karnataka, ranks among the largest and most beautiful palaces in India. Also known as Mysore Maharaja Palace or Amba Vilas, this 14th century palace is a spectacular monument with stunning architecture and design. Reconstructed and completed in 1912, the Palace was built in Indo-Saracenic style and served as the residence of the Wodeyar Maharaja’s of the Mysore State.

The Mysore Palace is a unique monument blending together the architectural styles of Gothic, Hindu, Rajput and Muslim. Originally a wooden structure, this 3-storey palace has stones in its architecture and has   square towers with dome-covered arches. Surrounded by a big garden, the palace – now converted into a museum - also delights tourists for a collection of delicate carvings and works of art from across the globe.  

A visit to the Mysore Palace means you get to savor history and architecture together with experiencing the possessions of the Wodeyars in the form of items such as paintings, royal costumes jewelry, souvenirs, paintings etc. The palace complex has 12 Hindu temples dedicated to different gods and goddess. On Sunday nights, the palace dazzles with the glow of hundreds of bulbs and during the Dushera, its decoration reaches a matchless proportion.