Mukerti National Park and Lake are popular attractions in Ooty, Tamil Nadu. The park, situated in the southern region of the Nilgiri, is home to a large variety of animals and attracts wildlife enthusiasts from all parts of the region. The lake is part of the park where a big variety of birds and ducks live in an eco-friendly environment. The place is visited by nature lovers and wildlife enthusiasts in big number.

A visit to Mukerti National Park and Lake gives you an opportunity to see NilgiriThar (Hamitragushilocrius).Other animals to spot here include Sambhar, barking deer, otter and Nilgiri marten. You could easily see   jungle cat and jackals roaming through the park. Some of major variety of birds in the park include Laughing and whistling thrushes, black eagle, woodcock and wild pigeon. Wildlife enthusiasts will surely have a great time in this park.

Further, you could spot different varieties of butterflies in the park including Indian fritillary, blue admiral, Indian red admiral etc. Visitors here can enjoy boating in the lake and enjoy myriad charms of the park. The park is currently run and managed by the Government and it’s well-maintained and looked after. The purpose of this park is offer a protected environment to animals and birds so that they can sustain.