The historical city of Hyderabad in Andhra Pradesh has numerous popular sites of religious significance and the Moula Ali Dargah is one of them. Located on the top of the Moula Ali Hill, this dargah was built during the era of Asaf Jahi to honor Hazrat Ali. The dargah is on the hill that features among 11 of the city’s heritage sites. This dargah is a truly secular site in the city drawing devotees from all faiths and religions.

Every year, the Moula Ali Dargah is visited by thousands of devotees to celebrate the birth anniversary of Moula Hazrat Ali. The dargah is particularly visited by people to pray and find help in problems as Hazrat Ali is also known as ‘the rescuer from the sufferings’. To reach up the dargah on the hill, devotees climb up 550 steps which generally takes some 45 minutes to 1 hour.

The popular pilgrimage site of Moula Ali Dargah is much more than spirituality and reglious solace as it offers adventure seekers a lot of things to do. While treeking up the hill, adventure-minded visitors can enjoy a splendid view at of Gun Rock, Mahindra hills and Ammaguda Hill. The prospects of rappelling and step climbing are added bonus for those visiting this famous site in the city.