Wayanad in Kerala is a beautiful place offering tourists a variety of heart-pleasing natural sites to visit and savor. It has many striking waterfalls and Meenmutty waterfalls is one of them. Located at a height of 300 meter, this stunningly beautiful three-tiered waterfall is the second largest in Kerala. The Falls is a major attraction in Wayanad as nature lovers never forget to give it a visit.

Tourists will have to go through to a 2 km engrossing trek to reach Meenmutty Waterfalls – perhaps the most spectacular waterfalls in Wayanad. A visit here gives you a chance to see and relish how the water drops from the height of some 1000 ft over three stages. There can’t be a better place to feel the nature and its vast charms for sure.    

Meenmutty Waterfalls is at some 30 km from Kalpetta in Wayanad district and reaching here through deciduous forest adds to the overall experience. This Falls is not visited during monsoon as the best period to be here is from October to May. So, plan your trip accordingly and enjoy an utterly charming natural spot in Kerala.