Mattupetty Dam is a storage dam in the mountains near Munnar in Idukki District, Kerala. Built to conserve water for hydroelectricity, the dam is not only a source of power to the region but also provides wild animals and birds a chance to flourish. At the height of 1700 m above sea level, the reservoir is an ideal place to gaze at nature, see some wildlife and feel the serenity.  

Visitors to Mattupetty Dam are sure to love a great variety of trees and plants that give the place a scenic charm and make it truly eye catching. Elephants can be seen here roaming through the tall and thick trees of Eucalyptus. Starching over an area of some 8 km, the dam also has prospects for boating making it an ideal place for picnic.

At Mattupetty Dam, you can expect to choose from a variety of boats for boating purposes. Nature lovers are sure to feel delighted here purely for the scenic beauty and tranquility of the place. With a mesmerizing backdrop of undulating plantation hills of Munnar and lush green plantations, a visit here is sure to bring many sights to relish. So, be at this popular lake and dam to feel the nature at its best!