Hampi in Karnataka has many popular attractions of historical and mythical hues, and Matanga Hill or Matunga Hill is one of them. Visitors atop this hill can get spectacular sunrise and sunset views of the town and see how this majestic rock-strewn landscape is sprinkled with ruins. It generally takes tourists half an hour to climb atop the hill that rises up in the heart of this historic city.

With Matunga Hill come many trekking trails that often delight those interested in some mild form of adventure. Atop the hill is the famous Veerabhadra Temple which draws a big number of devotees right through the year. This hill at the eastern end of the Hampi Bazaar enriches you with its glorious past as it has many legends associated with it. Nowhere else could you find as breathtaking view of the city as it’s from this hill!

Matanga Hill is perhaps the highest point in the city of Hampi which also features among top attractions here. On your way down after taking in the aerial view of the city and its landscape, you could find a small cave where Sugriva, ruler of Kishkinda, used to hide. This hill is also mentioned in the epic Ramayana as the abode of Saint Matanga who helped protect Sugriva from Vali.