Situated in green milieus and 15 KMs west of Coimbatore, Marudhamalai Hill Temple belongs to 12th century. Surrounded by hilly range on three sides, it is located at height of 500 feet in highland. Abound in medicinal herbs, the pure air makes it haven for health-conscious. At foot hill, there is hospital which distributes medicines of 30,000 annually. Here are small mandpams where devotees can relax on their way uphill.

Marudhamalai Hill Temple has deity as Lord Muruga. The temple has delightful facilities which makes visit a comfortable one. This temple also manages home for homeless, and is home of 45 children. There are three buses which provide service from low slope of hill to upwards, and vehicles are also allowed to pass through this temple. It remains open all days of week from 6 AM to 8:30 PM.

At the foothills of Marudhamalai Hill Temple, there is Thaan Thondri Vinayak Temple. Above 18 steps of Vinayak Temple is another major spot where people can pray and the other attraction is Idumban. There are three huge stones which stand out for color. High above are Paambaatti Siddhar Cave, Pancha Vriksham and Uchchi Pillaiyar Temple that conveys a lot about this temple.