Marine Drive is a famous spot in Mumbai – a stretch along the coast of Arabian Sea. It’s basically a 3-km stretch in the shape of ‘inverted C’ with a road running along its coast and giving tourists a wonderful sight of the sea. It’s in South Mumbai stretching from one iconic address - Nariman Point – to another - the Malabar Hill. The place is perfect for a lazy stroll along the coast. 

Marine Drive, also known as the 'Queen's Necklace', looks stunning at night when street lights switch on and cast a diamond-like spell on the place. On its northern fringes is located another famous spot - the Chowpatty while promenade is perhaps the major attraction at Marine Drive. Every evening, thousands of people reach here to relish the view of the sunset over the Arabian see and enjoy the beauty of the palm-tree lined promenade.  

When at Marine Drive, you just can’t resist the lure of snacks and fast foods served from stalls along the entire coast line. Some top-class hotels and restaurants are located here and not for forget those art deco buildings adding beauty to the place. Once in Mumbai, you should not miss a walk on the Marine drive to feel the real pulse of the city in all its splendor and glory.