Covered with sparkling golden sand, Marina Beach is a wonderfully good looking beach of India. With glittering azure and perfect sand, it is world’s second longest beach covering distance of 6.5 km from Fort St. George to Foreshore Estate. This natural urban beach in Chennai has average width of 300m. The best time to visit this beach is during November to February when the temperature is moderate.

Governor Mountstuart Elphinstone Grant Duff took the required step in 1880 to convert Marina Beach into tourist spot. It is one of the most crowded beaches which attracts about 50,000 visitors a day. Famed for its rich ecosystem and pristine beauty, it lies on stretch of coast where sea turtles, critically endangered species, nest during mating season. Among the stretch, there are two swimming pools -Marina swimming pool and Anna swimming pool.

Though the swimming and bathing at Marina Beach can be dangerous due to undercurrent being very turbulent, but there are many other activities to do here. One can choose horseback riding, kite flying, beach cricket, mini giant wheels, joyrides, merry-go-rounds and more.

Additionally, this beach is famous for its food stalls and shops; food stalls are run by 500 shops. Apart from this, there are various historical monuments including MG Ramachandran memorials, Annadurai, and more.