Mararai Beach is perfect for those who look to explore the backwaters of Kerala together with enjoying the charms of a beach. This little-known beach in the Alappuzha District of Kerala is quiet and undeveloped, a place largely untouched by the chaos of popular and bustling beaches. However, the interest in this beach is picking up slowly and it’s now considered an ideal place for holidaying with friends and family.   

Mararai Beach seems like any other typical Kerala beach dotted with coconut palm trees and golden sands. It’s beautiful in true sense and invites nature lovers for its quietude and rolling waters. The ambiance here is so serene and tranquil that beach lovers can feel like being transported backwards in time for sure. The easy-going and laid-back life around the beach makes vacation here a truly enriching experience.   

Mararai Beach will perfectly suit to those who want to escape the bedlam of a big city and want to relax and chill out around a peaceful place. Rejuvenation apart, the beach gives prospects of enjoying Snake Boat Races but only in the months of August. Adventure lovers will have a great time as they can enjoy sea surfing, water skiing, parasailing and Deep Sea fishing here. Come here and experience the bliss-induced serenity on the deserted sandy beaches.