Mani Bhavan on the Laburnam Road, Mumbai is a memoir of Mahatma Gandhi – the father of nation. Also known as Gandhi Museum, the place is ideal to revisit the independence struggles and get a peek into the Mahatma memoir. This place was basically home to Mahatma Gandhi during is Mumbai stay between 1917 t0 1934 becoming a site of many movements and activities.

Mani Bhavan is a Gujrati-style and three-storied building which now serves as museum to honor the father of nation and enumerate his contribution to India’s Independence. Visitors to this memorial can see a library, picture gallery and a memorabilia to get deep knowledge about India’s history. It also houses a research library with 20,000 books and people with Gandhina views visit here to find lots of periodicals and archives to understand the Mahatma even better. 

At Mani Bhavan, tourists can visit an auditorium that plays films on Gandhiji and recordings of his speeches. The place is full of posters, photographs, posters, slogans and items belonging to the times of Gandhi. Here, seminars and workshops are conducted regularly and a lot of research activities take place right through the year. So, once in Mumbai, take some time out and be at this historical place to add to your knowledge of history.