The small town of Mandore, which is 9 km from Jodhpur Rajasthan, was once the capital of the Marwar kings. It has many attractions of historical significance and the Mandore Gardens is one of them. This sprawling garden has a high rock hill terrace which lends it a unique charm. The garden complex has the cenotaphs of the former rulers of Jodhpur making it a site rich in history and royal connection.

The cenotaphs inside the Mandore Gardens are basically of unusual shape resembling more of Hindu temples. Made of using red sandstone, these four-storied structures are known for fine columns and an elegant spire. Among the cenotaphs in this landscaped gardens, the one belonging to Maharaja Ajit Singh is perhaps the most attractive while those belonging to the queens are situated on a rocky outcrop and over the hill.

The Mandore Gardens is a heritage spot that attracts visitors for its attractions including the graphic Hall of Heroes, a high-relief rock wall and bright paintings. The paintings here showcase the life of local heroes and give a peek into the past of the town. A visit to this place is sure to enrich your knowledge about various deities and Rajput folk heroes. Visit this place and get a rich slice of history of the royals!