In the midst of Aravalli Hills and in Mandawa village of Shekhawati region Rajasthan is located the famous Mandawa Fort. The fort is a great attraction for tourists as it is a true piece of history and gives a rich peek into the eventful time of the bygone era. Located in one of historical significant regions of the state, the fort is visited by tourists for its unique features of Rajasthani architecture.

Built in 18th century by one of Shekhawati descendant Nawal Singh, the fort is rich in historical significance and it was responsible for origin of township around the area. For the lovers of art and architecture, the painted archways in the fort are nothing less than a visual treat. A number of paintings depicting Lord Krishna is also a key aspect of the fort.

Further, the rooms of Mandawa Fort have some wonderful mirror work and paintings, and their variety of décor and theme make for a great attraction for tourists. Portraits on the walls and antique collection are some of other major attractions of the fort. Now in the process of being transformed into a heritage hotel, the fort is great to feel and experience the charm of the Rajput era of Rajasthan.