Dedicated to Goddess Kali, the Mahalaya Temple is located at Kacheri, some 7 km from Narkanda Town, Himanchal Pradesh. The temple is nestled amid picture landscapes and combines the essences of the aesthetic and spiritual together. Located in the midst of verdant surroundings, the temple is very popular and is visited by a huge number of devotees every year. Further, the temple is known for its amazing tranquil aura as gives peace in the midst of nature.

Mahamaya Temple is one of those religious sites that are visited as much for its holiness as for beautiful surroundings. It offers a perfect atmosphere for meditation and contemplation which makes it a top site in the town. This wonderful temple is at the height of 1810m above mean sea level and is a pure visual delight for its big number of devotees and visitors here.

Atop the hill, this ancient temple is where devotees visit to find an ideal setting for meditation and introspection. The surroundings is very stunning as the presence of forest and hills around adds to its charm and luster. In a sense, a visit to the Mahamaya Temple is sure to fill you with sense of piety and aesthetic pleasure. So, visit this beautiful temple and feel spirituality at best.