Some 2 km away from Jodhpur Rajasthan is located the big and beautiful Maha Mandir Temple. On the road to Mandore, this huge temple was built in 1812 AD and its intricately carved 84 pillars are a visual treat to the eyes. The visit to this temple is an opportunity to explore an architectural marvel decorated with frescoes and carvings. Once here, you will surely marvel at the craftsmanship of sculptors who made this splendid temple a reality.  

The premises of Maha Mandir Temple have other artworks and intricate motifs but the real beauty lies its carvings depicting yogic postures. A beautifully designed hall adds to the luster of the temple, and Yoga classes are held here. Lord Shiva is the main deity inside this marvelous piece of architecture that belongs to the 18th century. Various stone carvings and several pre-historic shrines make this a top tourist attraction in Jodhpur.

If you a Shiva devotee and happen to visit Jodhpur, then take some time out and visit the Maha Mandir Temple for sure. In fact, you can visit it for its superb architecture and the magical ambiance that the place offers. The visit will surely rejuvenate you and help you feel the rich essences of architecture and spirituality together. Don’t miss this temple and soak up the magic of stone work from close up!