Constructed in 17th century by Muddu Raja – King of Coorg, Madikeri Fort is a historical landmark which stands in the center of Madikeri town. The fort has various elevated structures which presents an astounding view of area. It is believed that this fort has two secret passageways which is a mystery of the fort. There is a palace as well built inside the fort. Still preserving remnants of old era, this fort is now the office of Deputy Commissioner.

Madikeri Fort has gone under many changes. It was rebuilt by Tipu Sultan who named it as Jaffarabad. In 1790, Dodda Vira Rajendra took over the control of fort. In 1812-1814, Linga Rajendra II renovated the palace. This fort was later captured by British rulers of India in 1834. It was only then further modifications and additions to structures and fort were done.

Madikeri Fort is now a house to Anglican Church, temple, museum and prison. The Church - St. Marks Church was built by British in 1855. The fort has beautiful architectural designs; two stone replicas of elephants in North-East corner which draws attention of visitors. The fort remains open on all days of week, expect Monday, from 10 AM to 5:30 PM. Visitors can reach here by bus, rail or own vehicle.