Lower lake is a small lake in Bhopal. This lake is also called ChhotaTalaab by the local people and it was built in 10 Century by Raja Bhoj. Pollution is a big problem in this historical lake and there is no source of fresh water to replenish it. Day by day, the lake has to live with declining quality of its water. The waste of the drains and sewage water are also mixed with this lake.

This lake was reconstructed in 1794 by Chote Khan and it was also part of the great Mugal Empire. This place is also liked by adventure lovers as the lake provides exciting prospects of boating, paddle and motorboat facilities for tourists. This lake attracts various human settlements from all sides and its depth is 10.7m maximum. For locals, it’s the place to have a quiet time away from the noise of the main city. 

This lake is separated with upper lake by an over bridge. This bridge is also known “Lower Lake Bridge”. This place is also visited by a good number of tourists in the time of morning and evening. This lake is connected with Kamala and Krishna Park, which has beautiful scene of Hills and provides peaceful experience for tourists. There are many famous restaurants and hotels here which provide delicious food and affordable hotel facilities for tourists in the city.