The capital city of Orissa – Bhubaneshwar - derives its name from Tribhuveshwar, one of many names of Lord Shiva. So naturally, this ‘Temple city of India’ is the city of Lord Shiva and it has one of the most famous temples dedicated to the Lord – the Lingaraj Temple. This temple is not only the most popular attraction of the city but also is the oldest and largest one.

The Shiva lingam here is believed to be originated on itself which makes the temple truly unique and holy in real estate. This 6th-centure temple is a rare architectural gem with grader and magnificence oozing out from every pore of this towering structure. The main tower – carved out of laterite and sandstone – reaches to a height of 55 meters with 150 smaller temples to different gods encircling the complex.  

Alongside spiritually, the Lingaraj Temple is also renowned for its architectural excellence with the overall structure following the famed Kalinga style of architecture encompassing a soaring Gopuram and intricate craftsmanship. Beautiful sculptures dot the gigantic walls of the temple and the use of deep cut lines on the spires make the structure appear larger than it actual is. A big number of devotees come here every year and during Shivaratri, it attracts the maximum crowd.