At some 100 Kms. from Port Blair on the Andaman & Nicobar Island is located the beautiful Batarang Island – an island with some really gorgeous beaches, beautiful mangrove creeks and charming mud-volcanoes. The beautiful limestone caves are located at some 30-minute boat ride from the island. The caves are a major draw for nature-loving tourists who want to explore the essences of marine life and sea riches here.

The boat ride to Lime Stone Caves is itself quite breathtaking in nature as it makes its way through a narrow mangrove creek bringing a unique experience to visitors. The caves have really big sedimentary limestone formation and out of them, some appear hanging from the top while others seem like coming out from the ground. Inside the caves, you can see different shapes and sizes and patterns made by limestone.

A trip to the Lime Stone Caves, Batarang Island delights and mesmerizes visitors in equal measure giving them a peek into a unique world of own. Some caves here are so dark, dense and deep that tourists need a touch to see the things completely inside. In overall, being at these caves are sure to stir and rejuvenate your senses and they are the unique creation of nature you should be miss!