The Laxmi Narayan Temple in Orchha Madhya Pradesh is a popular attraction that combines a unique mix of temple and fort architecture. Built in 1622 A.D. by Vir Singh Deo, the temple is although dedicated to Goddess Laxmi but has no idol of HER inside the premise or complex. Interestingly, its inimitable architecture has slots for cannons and the walls and corridor roof have numerous frescos and paintings.

The frescos of Laxmi Narayan Temple have a delightful fusion of Bundel and Mughal arts and showcase tales from Hindu puranas, kings of orchha, etc. in 1793, the entire structure of the temple was renovated under the tutelage of Prithvi Singh to protect it from further damage. The sacred sanctorum of the temple has a truly magnificent architecture with special provisions for religious sacrifices.What’s more, a big number of devotees visit this temple every year. 

The beautiful paintings and colorful frescos of Laxmi Narayan Temple are a true testimony to the rich artistic caliber of the artisans and craftsmen of the ancient times. These engravings lend the temple a unique flavor and design thereby making them a true architectural gem of the ancient time. So, if you ever happen to be in Orchha, pay to visit to this magnificent temple and enjoy spirituality, history and art together.