Lakshmana Tirtham is one of the most sacred pilgrimages in Tamil Nadu, India. This temple has been built in the honor of lord Laksmana and the place is also famous for many accident temples. This temple was built in one of the most popular Dravidian style architecture and has been become a most popular place for devotees and tourists alike. In the season of festival, a floating car march is held at the Lakshmana Teertham place.

You can see beautiful scriptures of Lord Rama with his wife Goddess sita. Lakshman Tirtham is a popular holy teerthams here. There are around 64 holy teerthams out of 15 are located in Rameshwaram Temple, which is located 2 Km from Lakshmana Tirtham and is popular for its beautiful shrines. According to local people, this temple has been constructed by Rameshwaram itself that why it’s become most valuable place for tourist and Hindus.

There are many marble statues of Lakshmana and make this place more beautiful. Holy dip is a popular ritual here and devotees do this at this place. Many people believe that bathing in holy water of teerthams can atone for their past sins. Lakshmana Tirtham is located conveniently and can easily accessible by local transport. So, come here and experience the spiritual side of the place and feel blessed in true sense.