KuruvaDweep is a group of islands located in the middle of the east flowingKabani River in the Wayanad district of Kerala. These islands are spread over an area of 952 acres out of which only 65 acres are open for public access. As the islands are completely uninhabited, they are home to dense evergreen forests and, some of the rarest species of flora, fauna and wildlife.

The protected river delta-Kuruvadweep in the Kabini River in past decades has emerged as one of the most visited place in Wayanad district. These silent and evergreen islands offer an absolute serene and natural-beauty laden getaway from the chaos of modern day life. All surrounded by water streams, these islands can be traveled through boats provided by tourism department of Kerala.

The entry to these islands are permitted and regulated by the Forest Department. Apart from boats, bamboo rafts are also used to reach the islands which are considered as the most exciting part of visiting KuruvaDweep. After reaching the island, you can just sit at the river banks, watch, hear birds flying all around and experience nature at its best!