The Kurinji Andavar Temple is one of the most famous temples in Kodaikanal, Tamil Naidu, India. This temple is located approximately 3 km from Kodaikanal Lake and is covered with beautiful forest and hill station. You can find the famous Kurinji flower in the valleys of the hill station. The name of ‘Kurinji Andavar’ is actually derived from its famous flower Kurinji, which last flowered in 1992.

For Tamil people, Kurinji means ‘hill Region’ & Andavar means ‘God’, and this temple is dedicated to Lord Muruga the ‘God of Hill’. The temple is the most famous attraction for tourist in the city. It also hosts the famous summer festival, which is celebrated in July. A visit here is not only about a sense of religious piety but also about enjoying nature and feeling joyous.

Further, you can visit the temple and get some amazing sightseeing option and both tourists and nature lover will enjoy that for sure. This temple offers good photographic opportunity for nature lover. From here, you can also get the views of Palani and Vaigain Dam together. Plus, the temple is close from the bus station and you would not face the problem to reaching the temple.