The Kumbhalgarh Fort is the second most important fort of Rajasthan and it was built in the 15th century by RanaKumbha. Kumbhalgarh is also the birthplace of MaharanaPratap who was a great king of Mewar. The fort’s wall spread 38 km area and that’s why, it’s considered the second largest fort in the world after "Great wall of China". 

Kumbhalgarh Fort was renovated by MaharanaFateh Singh in the 19th Century. You can get local buses and private taxis to reach Kumbhagarh Fort which is at some 87 km from the Udaipur city. Constructed at the height of 1,914 meters above the sea level, it’s rated as one of the most famous hill fort of India. For history lovers, this place is as ideal as it can be.

Further, Kumbhalgarh Fort looks really beautiful at the time of sunrise and sunset. It’s also famous for its local name “The great wall of India”. The entry fee for Indian tourist is 10 rupees and 50 rupees for foreign tourist. You can carry your digital cameras inside the fort without any cost. This fort is open 8:00am to 6:00pm every day in a week.