The Sri Krishna Temple is one of the most Prominent temples in South India dedicated to Lord Krishna. It is located in Udupi district of Karnataka and lies 60 kms from the city of Mangalore and, 422 kms from the capital city of Bangalore. The temple is also called as Sri Krishna Matha, as there is an ashram where the priests of the temple resides and performs their daily worships and duties.

Sri Krishna Temple was found by the great philosopher and Vaishnava saint Shri Madhavacharya in the 13th century. The statue of Lord Krishna here is one of its kind in the world as it shows his childhood form with a churning stick and rope in each hands. As per the legends, this statue was made by the divine architect Vishwakarma. Madhava found this idol hidden in a block of sandalwood at the Malpe beach.

Later, this unique idol of Lord Krishna was installed by him in the temple, almost 700 years ago, on the auspicious festival of MakarSankranti. There is a holy water tank located in the middle, called as MadhavSarovar. Another popular feature of this temple is ‘KanakanaKindi’, which is actually a grilled window with nine squares devoted to nine planets, having a silver plating on all sides.

The actual darshan of the idol is done through this window in the temple. The festival of Janamasthami is celebrated in a grand manner here.This temple is one of the seven MuktiSthalas of Karnataka and is therefore visited by scores of devotees, pilgrims and tourists owing to its cultural and historic inheritance.