The beautiful Khajjiar Lake is located at a height of some 1920 meters above sea level in the Chamba district of Himachal Pradesh. In Khajjiar, and between the towns of Dalhousie and Chamba, the lake is surrounded by a vast stretch of grassy landscape with the green cedar trees forming a charming backdrop. The name of the lake is taken from Khajji Nag, the deity in the temple nearby.

Over the years, the Khajjiar Lake has considerably shrunk and in coming years, it stands a chance to go extinct. But this does not stop nature lovers to visit this lake in the shadow of the snow-covered Himalayas. The lake is still visited by a big number of tourists, mostly to enjoy the beauty of its mesmerizing landscape. The place offer peace and tranquility away from the hubbub of an urbane existence.

Prospects of numerous recreational activities are also available at the Khajjiar Lake and visitors enjoy a picnic or family outing here with great interest. The amazing view of Mount Kailash further adds to the charm of the trip here. Being here means you enjoy the nature in the midst of high mountains and gigantic deodars. So, come in the lap of nature and enjoy its riches at their best!