Kempty Falls is one of the most popular, and among the oldest existing, tourist spots in Mussoorie. This place was developed 150 years ago by a British officer to host tea party against a scenic backdrop. Since then, it has been a celebrated picnic spot for locals and a major attractions for tourists here. The sight of water streams summersaulting before hitting the bottom mesmerizes nature lovers a great deal.   

In the midst of the valleys of Mussoorie, Kempty Falls is located at a height of some 4500 ft. and presents a breathtaking vista through its milky streams of water. The Falls is a calm and cool place to enjoy a picnic and those who come here don’t forget taking a refreshing bath beneath this 45 ft waterfall and enjoy their stay.

Kempty Falls is located 15 km from Mussoorie and is easily accessible by road. Tourists here can take pleasure in some boating in the man-made pond located nearby. Shops are there in the plenty and a picnic here will surely delight the senses for sure. So, whenever you visit Mussoorie, take some time out and visit this charming place to enjoy nature and its rich essences.