Scenic and beautiful gems are many in the Lakshadweep group of islands and Kavaratti Island features among them. Tourists throng this place for its fabulous sea views and the pristine white-sand beaches. Although the island is spread across an area of a mere 3.93 square kilometer, it still has a lot of natural beauty to keep nature lovers hooked and enthralledtheir way to a great vacation.

A visit to KavarattiIslandis an opportunity to enjoy atolls, coral reefs and submerged banks. The biggest attraction here is indeed the spectacular views of the Arabian Sea that fills the nature lovers with excitement. With glittering white-sand beaches in the midst of the tranquil nature all around, you just can’t ask for more to satiate the cravings for a peaceful and tranquil place. 

A visit to Kavaratti Island means you get an opportunity to see and enjoy beaches laden with swinging coconut trees. Plus, visitors here can relish the abundant marine life of the island. To top it all, beautiful sceneries and a range of exciting water sportsare something that make tourists fall in love with this amazing place. So, pack your bag now and enjoy the best of nature at this island.