The valleys of Mahabaleshwar are a great place to explore nature and enjoy the scenic beauty bound by the hills. The place attracts a big number of nature-lovers all-round the year for pleasant weather, hilly locales and some unique viewpoints. One among those is Kate's Point – a spot that is considered to be make the most picturesque photograph of Mahabaleshwar. Rightly so, it’s among the most visited spots here as well.

Such beautiful is Kate's Point that even today, magazines use it as a cover page photograph while giving a peek into this hill area. By the way, its original name is NakeKhind and it is popular for offering a viewpoint to the mountains below and far. Two more such points are located nearby - Echo Point and Needle Hole Point – and they also offer amazing views of the areas around.

Kate's Point is located some 7 km from the main town and in every sense, it’s a wonder of nature. Named after the erstwhile British governor Sir John Malcolm's daughter, this place at a height of 1,290 meters is nothing less than a heaven for visitors and nature lovers. From here, visitors can easily see and enjoy the beautiful peaks of Kamalgadh, Pandavgadh and Mandardeo.