Located in Uttarakhand, Kasar Devi Temple, as the name implies, is dedicated to Kasar Devi. It is a famous Hindu shrine perched high at an altitude of 2,116 meters above sea level. This 2nd century temple is about 5 KM downhill from Tarai Nagri and adorned on hillock. Surrounded by deodar trees and lofty pine, the temple offers pleasant view of the toy town of Almora.

Kasar Devi Temple was found for special importance because the area around this temple has geomagnetic field. This temple comes under Van Allen Belt, and causes behind this belt have been researched by NASA. The other two famous places which are found with similar high magnetic field are Stone Henge in England and Machu Picchu in Peru. Additionally, people who have meditated here have expressed higher rejuvenation and have attached special importance.

Every year during November-December, Kasar Devi Temple hosts annual fair known as Kasar Devi Fair. It is accessible through 8 KM hike from Almora or 10 KM by road. Another popular tourist spots here are village of Kalimath, Binsar Wildlife Sanctuary. Apart from this, other best places in Almora are Bright End Corner, Kalimat, Simtola, Deer Park, Nanda Devi temple, etc.