Kankwari is a famous site of Kankwari Village and Kalwari Fort for tourist, which is located in Sariska National Park in Alwar district, Rajasthan. This fort was constructed by Jai Singh II and is surrounded by the hills. This fort is a witness to bloody battle between Mughal Emperor Shah Jahan's sons. Mughal Emperor Aurangzeb imprisoned his brother for Mughal throne and reconstructed this fort in Mughal architecture in 17th century.

After abruption of Mughal Emperor, it came under the control of Alwar state King. This fort was a Winter Palace for Alwar king. This fort is 18 Km away from the main gate of Sariska National Park and chances to sport tiger during the trip remain higher. Sariska National Park is a major attraction here and is famous for its tigers. This park is declared a wildlife sanctuary in 1955.

This fort is situated in the hills and provides a clear view of the park. This fort looks beautiful in the time of sunset and is perfect for photography. There is a big lounge entry close to the main gate of this fort which is called tibara by the locals. This lounge is refurbished recently to promote tourisms. There is also a small village where 83 people and 17 homes reside. This village is spread at the area of 859 hectares.