Built in 14th century, Kalika Mata temple is among most captivating places in Chittorgarh. Located 762 meters above sea level, this temple is dedicated to Mata Kali and is the oldest one in the area. This temple is said to be originally dedicated to God Sun and placed across Padmini Palace, but was destroyed after attack by AllaudinKhilji.

Kalika Mata Temple is placed on rock with its main entry gate on east. It is an architectural gem which belongs to Pratihara times. It is not only popular religious site but also famous site due to its art. There is huge empty area where ‘RatriJagrans’ are organized. Temple’s complex also has one more temple which is dedicated to Lord Shiva.

To reach Kalika Mata Temple, there is 5 KM walk along jungle footpath to top of hill, also there is cable car. The idol of Kalika Mata in temple is only head painted with red color. Open from morning to evening, there is Machi Haveli which is rest house for pilgrims. Special lighting and decoration is done at time of Navratri. Also, there is the fair which is held each year, especially on full moon in April and October.