A visit to the Kadalundi Bird Sanctuary in Malapuram district, Kerala is a pure treat to bird lovers. Being here means you get to watch a wide variety of birds against the backdrop of the Kadalundi River flowing from this island and merging with the Arabian Sea. This place is ideal to watch birds like seagulls, red and greenshanks, sandpipers, turnstones, sandplovers, flock and many more.

More so, bird lovers to Kadalundi Bird Sanctuary can watch these birds from November to April. They can also watch a wide variety of crabs, mussels and variety of fish. If you want to enjoy more nature, head to the nearby hill and get plenty of scenic beauty. At some 90 km from its Kozhikode city, here you can also enjoy many species of snakes like cobra, anaconda and viper. 

A visit to Kadalundi Bird Sanctuary means you also get to enjoy boat riding and a walk through the jungle. Once here, you won’t face issue in finding budget hotels, resorts and restaurants where you do relax and enjoy. Morning is perhaps the best time to visit this sanctuary and revel in its charming view of the natural beauty. So, come and explore nature and birds together.