The architecturally stunning Junagarh Fort is located in the city of Bikaner, Rajasthan, India. It’s one of those select yet popular forts in the state that is not built in a hilltop. Lavishly spread over an area of 5.28 hectares, the fort has many beautiful palaces, temples and pavilions of historical and religious significance. The fort, and buildings within, is an example of composite culture as they are a blend of different of architectural styles. 

With 986 imposing walls and 37 bastions - Junagarh Fort stands out for its finesses of architecture and grandeur. Also known as the Bikaner Fort by many, it has lovely palaces inside that gives tourists a chance to relish the display of paintings, mirrors and glass artefacts. For its design, sheer size and architectural magnificence – the fort is sure to mesmerize art lovers and those with an interest in history.

Completed in 1594 and built during the reign of Raja Rai Singh, the sixth ruler of Bikaner, Junagarh Fort stands as a testimony to the superiority of the erstwhile rulers in art, architecture and valor. Originally called Chintamani and renamed Junagarh fort only in the early 20th, it faced many attacks but all of them were thwarted. In fact, the city of Bikaner was developed around the fort which speaks volume about its importance to people here.