Located at the tip of peninsula in Ratnagri district, Maharashtra, Jaigad Fort was built by British in 1932. Nestled on cliff, this fort overlooks a bay where Shastri River joins Arabian Sea. The fort offers mesmerizing view of the bay, open sea and nearby power plant. The fort’s ruins are located 20 KMs from Ganpatipule beach, and these ruins still have fort’s ramparts and outer wall.

Jaigad Fort has lighthouse as well, and its unique thing is that it is made of cast iron. The fort also has small temple dedicated to Lord Hanuman. Additionally, in this 13 acre of fort lies the palace of Kanhoji Angre, Ganpati Temple and wells used to store water. Surrounded by deep moats, it is protected monument. The main door of this fort will take to deep trench, and after passing through this door, there are steps to reach to citadel.

The best time to visit Jaigad Fort is January to March and August to December. The nearest railway station to this fort is Ratnagiri Railway station which is 48 KM away, and nearest airport is also at Ratnagiri. The other places to visit near this fort are Ganpatipule beach, Gopalgad Fort, Ratnadurga Fort and more.